What Is LinkedIn?

What is LinkedIn… and why should you have it?

Simply put, LinkedIn is a job search site.  It is so much more than that though; with LinkedIn you create a profile that lists your education, experience, anything employers would be looking to know.  Plenty of companies and businesses use LinkedIn to hire people, and once you have a profile you can search through job openings.

If you have a university or college degree, you can limit your search to jobs in your field.  This makes LinkedIn not only a great tool for people looking to find a good job right out of high school, part-time or full-time; it is also for people getting out of university looking to start their career.

My favorite thing about LinkedIn is that you can search through specific job openings all over the world, or all throughout your country.  If you’re like me, and have wanderlust and a desire to live all over the world, this is a great tool.  You could graduate with any sort of degree and then find a job somewhere on the other side of your country if you wanted to.  Or, if you wanted to travel globally and had the right kind of career you could do that.  The options for career placement through this site are nearly endless, and it isn’t even difficult to set up an account, it might have taken 10 minutes.  Go check it out!

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